Stone Pale Ale    Stone Brewing    6. abv   12 oz  $4.5

      Crisp pale ale

Ruination 2.0    Stone Brewing  8.5 abv  12oz   $6

     Double IPA

Dark Penance    Founders Brewery 7.2 abv   12oz   $6

   Double Black IPA

7      Rougue Brewing  7.7 abv 12oz $6

  Double IPA brewed with 7 Rogue Farm hops

Nitro IPA     Guinness/ Harp    5.8 abv  11.2oz   $4.25

Nitro carbonated English style IPA

Fever Dream     Flying Dog  7. abv  12oz   $5.25

IPA brewed with Habanero and mango

Watermelon Dorado   Ballast Pt. 10. abv 12oz   $7

Watermelon Double IPA

Super Collider 2.0    Flying Monkey 10.4 abv 22oz  $14

Double IPA

Green Line    Goose island Brewery 5.4 abv  12oz  $4.5

Crisp, citrusy Pale Ale

Head Stock     Nickel Brook Brewing  7. abv  12oz  $4.75

Canadian, crisp, clean IPA

Stingray     Coronado Brewing   7.2 abv  12oz  $6

Fruity, Double IPA

Oatsmobile    Bells Brewing  4.3 abv  12oz  $5

Oat Session pale ale

Equinox     Lagunitas Brewery  8.4 abv  22oz  $11

Dry, clean, hoppy oat pale ale

Sierra Nevada Pale   Sierra Nevada 5.6 abv 12oz  $4.25

Slightly hoppy pale ale

Mango Magnifico     Founders   10 abv  750ml  $15

Fantastic Mango-Habanero double ale

Alpha King     Three Floyds    5.5 abv  12oz  $6

Crisp pale ale with a balanced malt profile

New Dogtown    Lagunitas Brew 6.2 abv  12oz   $5

Very balanced, nice mild hop, pale ale

controversiALE    Shorts Brewing  6.5 abv 12oz 5.25

American IPA


Sours, Specialty, Seasonals

Hoppy Bottles


Light and Fruity

On Tap


We take great pride and effort in creating our beer selection.

Each week we add new bottles, and our 8 draft beers rotate constantly.

Everyday Bottles

Nutty and Dark

Clean and Crisp


Budweiser   2.50

Bud Light    2.50

Miller Light   2.50

Coors Light   2.50

Michelob Ultra   2.50

Yuengling   3.00

Sam Adams Boston Lager   3.75

Fat Tire Amber Ale   3.75

Seagrams Wild Berry Cooler   4 

Smirnoff Blueberry Lemonade Cooler   4

Bud Light Lime-a-Rita   4


Founders Porter    Founders Brewery 5 abv  12oz  $6

     Smooth, dark, notes of coffee, chocolate

Rooster Sauce   Rogue Brewing 5.7 abv   750ml $13

       Amazing stout with sriracha “kick”

Acadian Groove    Flying Monkey     9.8 abv  22oz  $15

       Smooth, dark sweet Canadian maple porter

Organic Chocolate Stout    4.8 abv     12oz   $7

    Samuel Smith dark chocolate notes

Special Cream Stout   Bells Brewing 6.1abv 12oz $5.50

    Creamy stout without the addition of lactose

Guinness    Harp Brewery   4.5 abv  12oz  $5

    Classic, light bodied stout. Nitro Widget can

Dirty Bastard   Founders Brewery 8.5 abv  12oz  7.

     Smoky, malty, Scotch style ale


Vanderghinste      Brouwerij Omer 5.5 abv  11.2 oz   $6

              Flemish Sour ale, reddish brown, tart

Madrugada Obscura     Jolly Pumpkin 9.4 abv  22oz $16

  Vintage 2013 Imperial Sour stout aged in oak, Rare, 11%

Not Your Fathers Rootbeer    Small Town Brewery

5.9 abv  12oz  $5.75

Ale brewed with spices, real rootbeer taste

Rum Barrel   Innis and Gunn 6.8 abv 11.2oz  $4.5

Rum and oak barrel aged ale, Scottish

Nice Melons      Rivertown Brewing  4. abv  12 oz  $4.5

Berliner style ale brewed with watermelon flavor

Irish Barrel    Innis and Gunn  7.4 abv  11.2 oz  $.5

Ale aged in Irish Whiskey Barrels

Petrus    BR, De Brabandere 7.3 abv 11.2oz  $8

Sour ale aged in oak casks


#9    Magic Hat Brewery    5.1 abv    12 oz   $4

    “not quite” pale ale, a good training wheel!

Lager of the Lakes    Bells  5. abv  12oz   $4.75

  Munich style lager

Weihenstephaner      5.4 abv   12oz   $5.25

  Hefe weisbier, German wheat

Hoegaarden      4.9 abv  11.2oz   $4.5

Belgian white ale

La Chouffe   Brasserie D’Achouffe 8.0 abv 11.2oz $7

Dubbel, Belgian golden ale

Daura Damm      4.8 abv   11.2oz  $5

Gluten free lager

Eliza5beth    Prairie Artisan Ales   8.0 abv  16.9oz  $12

Double Midwest farmhouse ale

Blanche De Chambly   Unibroue  5 abv 12oz $5

Belgian white ale

Piraat Triple Hop    Van Steenberge  10.5 abv 12oz  $8

Dry Hopped Trippel Belgian


Spring Bock    Canton Brewing 5.5 abv 16oz $5

  Bright Bock, slightly sweet, well balanced

Mint Julep Ale   Flying Dog 6. abv 16oz  $5.75

    Blond ale brewed with mint, honeysuckle

Glimmerglass    Ommegang  5.4 abv  14oz  $5.5

   Perfectly balanced spring saison

Rubaeus    Founders  5.7 abv  16oz  $6.00

 Crisp ale brewed with fresh raspberries

Briney Melon Gose   Anderson  5. abv  14oz  $5.50

 Slightly sour, watermelon goze

The Barista   Clown Shoes  8.5 abv  12oz  $6

Imperial Stout brewed with espresso

Chillwave    Great Lakes Brewery 9.4 abv 12oz  $6

Mosaic Hops, double IPA

Fever Dream     Flying Dog  7. abv  16oz  $5

  Great IPA with mild mango/ pepper flavor



Strawberry Pig    Moerlein Brewing 4.5 abv 12 oz $5

              Blonde Ale brewed with strawberries

Derailed    Erie Brewing  5. abv  12oz   $4.50

              Black Cherry Cream Ale

Tangerine Wheat    Lost coast  5. abv  12oz  $4.5

Wheat ale brewed with tangerine

Redds Apple Ale     5. abv  12oz   $4

Ale brewed with apple juice

Wild Blueberry   Sea Dog Brewery  4.7 abv   12oz  $4.5

Blueberry wheat ale, like a muffin

Crabbies Ginger     Halewood  4.8 abv  11.2oz   $5.25

Ale brewed with ginger, slightly sweet

Crabbies Lemonade   Halewood  4.8 abv 11.2oz  $5.25

Malt beverage with natural lemon

Organic Strawberry   Samuel Smith 5.8 abv 18.7oz  $9

Organic Ale brewed with strawberries

Organic Apricot    Samuel Smith  5.8 abv  18.7oz $9

Organic ale brewed with apricot

Kriek     Lindemans  Brouwerij  3.5 abv 12oz  $7  

Belgian lambic with dark cherries, sweet, tart

Framboise     Lindemans Brouwerij  2.5 abv  12oz  $7

Belgian Lambic with raspberries, sweet, tart

Radler     Boulevard Brewing  4.1 abv  12oz  $4.5

Ale brewed with ginger and lemon

Soft Parade    Shorts Brew   7.5 abv 12 oz  $6

Ale brewed with 4 berries, but not sweet